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The hotel has an atmospheric relaxation area, allowing you to experience respite after a busy day. It consists of an cosy swimming pool, jacuzzi, as well as a dry and steam sauna. Physical exercise in the swimming pool, relaxing bubbles in the jacuzzi and regeneration in the sauna will help improve the condition of your body and put in you a mood of blissful tranquillity.

Opening hours: between 8:00 and 18.00.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool, 10 m long, 5 m wide, and 1.3 m deep, has additional features such as the function of reverse currents, water jets, hydro massage jets, as well as jets for water geysers. The water temperature is not less than 28 degrees.


Those wishing to take a refreshing bath will certainly direct their steps towards jacuzzi. Water at a temperature of 36 degrees. of Celsius is beneficial not only for your well-being, but also health and beauty! Just a few-minute bubble bath is relaxing and helps regenerate muscles and joints.

Activities for children

It is best to start swimming lessons ... as early as possible! The classes are for infants and young children. They are a great fun and their aim is to familiarise them with water. Regular participation in the exercises not only affects the physical development of a child, but also enables communication with their peers, and strengthens the bond with their parents.

Hours of classes:

Tuesday: 12:00 - 13:30

Thursday: 12:00-13:30

Saturday: 11.30 – 14.30

Sunday: 11.30 – 14.30

Szkoła pływania Chlapu Chlap


The water in the pool and jacuzzi meets the standards specified in the Regulation of Minister of Health of  9 November 2015. The water is subjected to tests in accordance with regulations and schedules set out by the National Health Inspectorate in Gdynia.



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