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Baltic herring in spicy marinade with a roasted beetroot salad, apple purée, and mint olive oil

80 / 80 g 19 PLN

Lightly smoked salmon marinated in Asian style with salad of melon, cucumber, chilli, and lime with herbal olive oil

80 / 70 g 35 PLN

Marinated carpaccio of beef filet with olives, parmesan petals, and rocket with truffle olive oil

100 / 50 g 39 PLN

Black tiger shrimps with garlic, chilli, ginger, and coriander, served with a garlic toast and beurre blanc sauce.

150 g 38 PLN

Mix of lettuces with marinated grilled vegetables with a honey-lime dressing served with smoked tofu

100 / 30 g 29 PLN


Cream of jerusalem artichokes with peanut oil and a topinambur chip

250 ml 16 PLN

Broth of duck with spinach ravioli stuffed with meat and coriander

250 ml 15 PLN

Main dishes

Sea trout fillet on a pumpkin risotto with pumpkin seeds oil

160 / 100 g 39 PLN

Salmon steak on green peas purée with a salad of beetroots and fennel with vierge sauce

160 / 100 g 49 PLN

Zander fillet on oyster mushrooms with shallot, mussel and leek with parisienne potatoes served with beurre blanc sauce

160 / 80 g 47 PLN

Supreme of chicken breast sous-vide on potato purée and chives with poultry glace sauce and a lightly smoked apple chip

200 / 100 g 36 PLN

Roast old Polish style duck with homemade potato dumplings, served with red cabbage and orange sauce

350 / 80 g 47 PLN

Beef filet steak on spinach with shallots ,sun dried tomatoes and green beans with pumpkin-potato rösti served with truffle sauce and a parsley chip

180 / 80 g 89 PLN

Dumplings with spinach, pumpkin, oyster mushrooms, shallot, ginger and mushroom sauce

150 / 70 g 24 PLN


Spiced chocolate fondant with vanilla sauce

100 / 60 g 20 PLN

Traditional Polish cheesecake with warm raspberry sauce and pears chip

120 / 50 g 18 PLN

Apple tart with plum ragoût

120 / 50 g 16 PLN


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