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24 Sep 2020
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Zorganizowane bezpłatne spacery po Gdyni w każdą* sobotę o 10:00!

Spacery łączą bogatą historię Gdyni z nieszablonową prezentacją miejskich hoteli. Organizatorem projektu jest Gdyńska Rada Turystyczna, a prowadzący to licencjonowani przewodnicy, a przede wszystkim miłośnicy Gdyni. 
"Gdynia o 10:00" to gwarancja dobrze spędzonego czasu!

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EXPERYMENT Science Center

Experyment is an unusual experimental laboratory for small and large explorers - amateurs, in which they can experiment on their own in a tangible way, learning about the laws of physics and nature. Experyment consists of 5 permanent exhibitions, over 200 interactive positions, the Virtual Invention Exhibition of Inventors Leonardo Da Vincii (using the Augmented Reality technology) and temporary exhibitions.

EXPERYMENT Science Center

Gdynia InfoBox – Observatory of Changes

On the ground floor of Gdynia InfoBox there is an enormous mock-up of the city, sized 8 x 4 m. Its size and detailed models of buildings are impressive. On the mock-up there are both existing and planned constructions. The mock-up is accompanied by huge touch screens which take the visitors on a virtual walk into the future Gdynia.

Gdynia InfoBox – Observatory of Changes

The Dreamer – wave conductor

From the Southern Pier, from the vicinity of the Gdynia Aquarium, and also from the marina one can see a 2-meter high bronze cast, the statuette depicting a boy with a baton in his hand. The cast finds itself about forty meters away from the seashore. This is The Dreamer – a boy who conducts the waves, greets and bids farewell to the visitors of the marina while emerging from the sea. The author of the work is the renowned sculptor Adam Dawczak-Dębicki.

The Dreamer – wave conductor

Mini Museum of a Modernist Building

The exhibition in the Mini Museum includes original furniture and household equipment, historical documents concerning the building, photos taken inside the flats, a manual pre-war mangle, an air-raid shelter with its original furnishings, brass plaques with tenants’ names and flat numbers, embedded mailboxes, marble and stone from the staircases.

Mini Museum of a Modernist Building
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